You're Making it Worse!

If you’ve ever watched a Pixar movie, you’ll know they often have humorous ‘out-takes’ during the end credits. The last couple of days one of the out-takes from Monsters, Inc. has been running through my mind. It’s the one with the two janitors, Smitty and Needleman, and Smitty flubs a line and tries to save the scene. It goes something like this:

Smitty:    Go get 'em Mr. Solomon.
Needleman: You idiot! It's 'Sullivan' not 'Solomon'.
Smitty:    What?
Needleman: You're messing up the scene!
Smitty:    Sorry!
Needleman: We're never gonna work in Hollywood again!
Smitty:    Let me do it over!
Needleman: Shut-up!
Smitty:    Keep rolling.

Ever feld like Needleman? It’s like the slow motion horror of watching a train wreck about to occur and not being able to do anything about it. Some days you’d like to be able to reach down the modem line, grab someone by the scruff of the neck, give them a good shake and yell, “You’re making it worse!

Monsters, Inc.

Sadly, there are probably laws against that sort of thing. A pity you can’t legislate against flagrant stupidity