USB in a Box

I’m happy to say the number of gadgets I own has been growing a bit unmanageable in the last few years, in particular the number that need USB either for power, communications or both. The downside is the number of cables and other debris that gets strewn around my desk. So I made a USB box to tidy it all up:

USB Box Picture 1

Internally it has two powered USB hubs, one of which is connected to the computer, the other is just for use as a power supply (for the GPS and battery charger, which don’t need to talk to the computer).

The seven port USB hub, with five in the front and two in the back, is hot glued into the front of the container for each ad hoc USB access.

USB Box Picture 1

Keyboard, mouse and backup drive are all direct into the computer as the motherboard has plenty of ports.