Reading Habits of 2013

So I’ve been tracking the books I’ve been reading (via GoodReads) for the last year (started mid-January). In 2013 I read 52 books, or a total of 17,213 pages in around 341 days. That works out to about 50 pages a day, or a book every 6.5 days on average. (Mind you, those numbers are a little high as there are two books in that list I know I wasn’t enjoying enough to finish.)

My average rating is 2.81, compared to the community average of 3.84 for the same set of books, so that perhaps makes me a hard critic.

All 52 books are fiction — I’ve started but not finished a few non-fiction books this year, and none of this includes the copious amounts of technical and other articles I read from the Internet. (I even wrote a program to make it easy to download and convert web-site articles to a format suitable for my ereader for that very purpose.)

Yesterday’s check-up at the optometrist verified something I had long suspected: I now require reading glasses.

God I need a life.