Mums are psychic

I was having a serious discussion with my son the other day, finding out what had happened in a situation that had been reported to me by his older sister. At the end and after said son had left the room, my husband turned to me and asked, “What other special powers do you have?”

My son had come in protesting his innocence in a situation in which there were no witnesses bar himself. I persisted with a line of questioning that would put police interrogators and cross-examining lawyers to shame and my son succumbed and admitted his guilt. Hence the query from my husband. Had to think about that for a while and finally figured it out. However, I am not going to tell you how. If you are a mum, you’ll understand, if you’re not, I’m not going to give away a trade secret.

I soon discovered my ‘psychic’ ability extended to another area as well. I have become very aware of my ability to find the lost. Mums know what its like, when members of their family, children and spouses alike, come to you asking for help finding something they have lost. You usually ask first if they have looked for it – a real look, not a husband or child look.

I haven’t even done that recently. When they come to me of late, before I have even begun thinking about it, I have managed to give them the location of said lost item, even though I don’t use it, have no need to use it and haven’t handled it at any time in the recent past.

I finally figured out how that one worked as well, but again, trade secrets and all that.

So its making me wonder how much further this ‘psychic’ ability extends. What other amazing ‘psychic’ powers do mothers display? I would love to hear your stories.