In Memory of Murray

I’ve already blogged about a cat named Murray so for today, a simple note to observe that Murray is no longer with us. From his unexpected reappearance in late August, we are grateful to have had the opportunity to share another four months of life with him before arthritis and other maladies of old age finally caught up to him.

We spent our last evening together the same way we spent our first: lying on the couch watching movies with him asleep, purring away on my chest.

Bye Murray.


“Play tricks?” laughed the cat.
“Oh my my! No, no, no!
I just want to go in
To get out of the snow.
Keep your mind on your work.
You just stay there, you two.
I will go in the house
And find something to do.”
Then that cat went right in!
    — The Cat In The Hat Comes Back, Dr. Seuss