, Twitter and Facebook! Oh My!

Today I mentioned* that I’d started posting my micro-blog messages to, which pushed to Twitter, which pushed to Facebook. A non-techie asked me what I was talking about, so here is the explanation I sent: is a microblogging service like Twitter, but based on open source software. Normally I write my missives on twitter and it automatically sends to Facebook as well.

I’d had my account for a while, but not really done anything much on it, but the number of people that I am associated with on compared to Twitter, compared to Facebook has become sufficiently diverse that I really should pay it more attention – thus I’ve set the chain up so I post on and it winds through to the other two automatically. (Have the new viewers gone yet?)

Thus, I can be asinine on three different networks for the same effort I was previously expending for only two.

* Update: These days in its incarnation is dead and the replacement… needs a lot of work, so I no longer use