Garage door sensor

Finally got around to replacing the garage door sensor. I use to have a little micro-switch along with the little lever made out of technical lego.

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It worked alright. The little lego arm would stick out under the door track, so when the door came down it would press on the arm, and the lever would trip the micro-switch.

Sensor Arm
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It ended up being a bit fiddly and I would occasionally have to move it around or re-tape it in place so the door would hit it properly. It was finally done in when my nephew bounced a basketball off it – and I didn’t have the heart to put it back together again.

So, quick trip to the local electronics shop to pick up a magnetic switch (also known as a reed switch). Figured out where I could put the magnet without it getting crunched when the door rolls up, and we’re back in business.

Magnetic Switch
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So now we have our little light flashing again to tell us when we’ve left the garage door open.

Flashing LED
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